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Getting promotion by degrees. Chartall Business College assists white collar workers to turn real-world experience and skills into a recognised qualification, through its Recognition of Prior Learning assessment process. There is an old saying that suggests that nothing you learn in college actually helps you in the real world, yet to this day, many organisations only promote people who have the right qualifications, regardless of their actual skills. Karen Deller has decided to change this, through the Chartall Business College, which is accredited to perform ‘Recognition of Prior Learning’ (RPL), a mediated assessment process to help working adults obtain a proper qualification, without the need to go back to class and study. “Our customers are generally working adults who cannot progress at work because they do not have a formal qualification. We help them remain employable through the RPL assessment, which takes into account previous work experience. We also offer training where a person does not have enough prior learning to undertake the RPL assessment and obtain the full qualification,” says Karen. She believes this technique has the potential to change the local employment market, adding that there is huge potential growth in the online space. The company is currently based in Johannesburg and is thus limited in the number of people it can physically assist, but by branching into the online space, this could change. Furthermore, she also want to branch out into sectors of the economy beyond the financial arena that the business currently serves. “We hope to offer RPL to more people online in more sectors, and for more qualifications. Ultimately, we aim to be the online degree provider of choice for corporates. Of course, this would require funding, particularly for marketing purposes – we need to spread the word about our services - and to develop more online courses and assessment content,” she concludes.

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