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Already a virtual success. By developing programs to enable simulated training and improved communications within the corporate market, bizAR Reality has set itself up as a leader in the virtual reality space. Every employee is, at some point, faced with the working world’s harsh reality. However, Anthony Eva plans to change this by turning working reality virtual. Having finished his degree, Anthony was focused on the software industry and how he could find a gap in the market to exploit, which is when the concept of augmented and virtual reality struck him, leading to the formation of bizAR Reality. “I approached a friend of mine to run the business with me and after a month of working out of our garage, we received an investment that helped us grow in leaps and bounds. As a software solutions company that specialises in augmented and virtual reality, bizAR Reality creates interactive communication tools that are aimed at enhancing the way customers, employees and their employers communicate in the work environment.” He explains that customers require new and improved means of communication. His company focuses on delivering valuable augmented and virtual reality solutions that create efficiency and productivity within the work environment. This includes everything from internal communication platforms - such as Markit AR - to smart-glass development for specialised programs, and even virtual reality simulations that allow safe training in dangerous environments. “Our goal is to be competing in the global market by selling our software solutions online, while also supplying valuable turnkey products to the South African market. In our quest to be leaders in the global market within this space, we need funding to help us globalise our reach and sell our various products online, as well as financing to improve our research and development and to invest in further smart glass development,” states Anthony.

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