I am your music man (and much more too). Mitech Direct offers customers access to skills and products across the entire spectrum of musical and related technologies, including instruments, home cinema and speakers. Sometimes, the services provided by a business are simply music to your ears, and such is surely the case with Mitech Direct, a company that sells all things musical and technology-focused. Owner Malcolm Haefner explains that the organisation manufactures and exports not only staging equipment and flight cases, it distributes Sennheiser and sells a huge range of musical instruments, as well as home cinema technology, speakers, amps and related equipment. “Our business is a made up of several smaller and specialised companies that are all entrepreneurially run. In this way, customers have exposure to experts from a range of musical and technology backgrounds under one roof. These are all driven and passionate people that enjoyed success on their own and have now been brought together to provide a comprehensive music and technology service,” says Malcolm. He adds that, broken down into its individual business units, all the owners are leaders in their own right and serious competitors within their relevant industry space. The beauty is that, when put together, they stand as a benchmark to the whole music and technology market. “In order to grow the business further, we need to achieve a wider reach, through improved marketing. We also need to implement systems that can form a solid foundation for expansion, and the human support that will enable this, while maintaining the company’s ethics and way of doing things. Finally, we also want to expand our export market and roll out our retail concept both nationally and internationally, starting within Africa,” he adds.

On-air Interview