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The environmentally friendly way to eliminate construction waste. Eco-Match is a recycled concrete aggregate handler that adopts green principles to eliminate construction waste by turning it into cost-effective material for the client to reuse. Unless you have a heart of stone, you want to play a part in saving the environment, and that is exactly what Craig Allen’s Eco-Match focuses on. A recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) handler, the company specialises in the handling and processing of construction and demolition waste. “Having been in the environmental management consultancy industry for 10 years, I saw a real need for the practical implementation for a lot of the measures that were often being proposed,” says Craig. “Eco-Match offers a full service where we establish a mobile crushing plant on site and process concrete waste material which can then be reused either on-site as fill, platform, or even for road development.” Being economically, socially and environmentally responsible means understanding the very nature of sustainability, he adds, but more importantly the practical implementation thereof, and this is where Eco-Match strives to position itself. The goal is also to increase clients’ profitability through the management of environmental risk, the provision of cost effective RCA material and the company’s ground-breaking product-based service offering. “I hope to be recognised as the leading supplier of quality tested and certified RCA material in the local construction industry within the next three years. To achieve this goal, we need to purchase additional crushing machinery, and hire additional operators and handlers. Being in a position to simultaneously service more projects and landfills would contribute enormously to green construction practices and would directly contribute to tremendous diversion of concrete waste.”

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