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UAV and Drone Solutions


A secure eye-in-the-sky. UAV and Drone Solutions is utilising a disruptive new technology as a means to fight both wildlife crime and provide more prosaic security services to the commercial sector. Some people drone on and on about how they want to help save the planet, but Otto Werdmuller Von Elgg has decided to use his drones to actually do something about it. UAV and Drone Solutions (UDS) uses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to help combat wildlife crime and provide security and engineering services to both the public and private sectors. “We are the first drone operator to be licensed in South Africa and UDS is also one of very few drone companies worldwide to be allowed to fly at night. Creating this company was a no-brainer for me, as I love animals and I love technology, so I decided to use the latter to help the former,” he says. UDS is at the forefront of a disruptive new technology that is already creating waves in both the security and surveying businesses, and can now also be utilised to save lots of animals, suggests Otto. Of course, he adds, UDS needs to convince more businesses to accept change and adopt this new technology. “Ultimately, I would like the funds to be able to afford to train more drone pilots – something that can take up to nine months – and would also like to build better relationships with national parks and state owned enterprises. In the end, while we remain a for profit company, we have done a lot to aid the conservation business as well and now operate in both the commercial and conservation arenas. The conservation side is what gets me excited for work every day, while the commercial side pays the bills,” he concludes.

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