EndlessLife Services


Is there a doctor in the house? EndlessLife Services helps overcome the many challenges faced by the public in respect of medical and social issues, by providing comprehensive and integrated medical home health. The days when a doctor would make a house call in the middle of the night are long gone, but EndlessLife Services, founded by Caroline Mbi-njifor, is trying to bring back a little bit of that old school approach. A pioneer in re-engineering the provision of comprehensive and integrated medical home health and social services to the general population, the company uses of proprietary technology and targets families at their convenience, at home. “There are many challenges people face today, when it comes to medical care: infrastructure shortcomings, lack of quality medical facilities, shortage of hospital beds and even infections from hospital facilities. Then there is a lack of healthcare coordination, no monitoring of families as the primary unit of care, no tracking mechanisms for patients or managed care solutions, big distances to primary healthcare facilities, a shortage of compassionate personnel and a low focus on social services. EndlessLife Services was created to help overcome these,” she says. The company provides access to quality health and social services and access to information from a central location – thereby breaking the silos in which many practitioners work. It is designed to offer convenience to families and to deliver cost efficiencies for patients and funders, while enabling self-management and monitoring by the population. “Our goal is to reach at least one million families in SA and the rest of Africa and to educate the market in general on this alternative form of medical health and social services access, which is available to all. To grow the business, we particularly need a medical partner with a licence, which will allow us to contract someone who is willing to perform house calls, and also an actuarial partner and insurance administrator, as this relationship will ensure we build a unique socio-medical insurance; the only one of its kind in Africa,” concludes Caroline

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