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Bridge Taxi Finance


A Bridge over troubled waters. The importance of the SA taxi industry should not be underestimated, and Bridge Taxi Finance helps owners and operators obtain new model vehicles that are cheaper and safer. Taxis in SA are vitally important, carrying as they do some 70% of the workforce to and from work every day. However, many taxi owners and operators struggle with financing their vehicles. This is where Vince Raseroka and Bridge Taxi Finance comes in, as the company assists with affordable financing and parts for taxi operators, ensuring they get newer, safer vehicles to take commuters to work on a consistent basis. “Our business model is unique in that we supply only Chinese taxis that come from reputable Chinese auto manufacturers, some of whom also supply Porche, BMW and other major world brands. The current Japanese taxi brand cannot supply enough vehicles per month to satisfy the demand, and our brand is 30% cheaper and just as reliable,” says Vince. In addition, he points out, Bridge partners with the taxi operators through a Tracker system, to keep the vehicles secure and reward good driving behaviour. Because they can be tracked, owners do not tolerate poor driving behaviour. Bridge also works with the owners to ensure their vehicles are serviced regularly too, and that they are supplied with parts when required. “I still have big plans to develop this business further, which includes setting up a dedicated repair centre for vehicles that have been in accidents, and I would ideally also like some assistance in making larger corporates aware that Bridge is a fantastic option for some of their Enterprise Development spend, particularly as we ultimately play a major role in getting many of their staff to work on a daily basis.”

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