A+ Students


It all adds up to success! If future success depends on current maths knowledge, A+ Students is providing a generation of children with the skills required to accomplish phenomenal achievements. Sometimes the numbers don’t add up, and in order to succeed, you need to divide your time, while multiplying your desire to build a better business. Marlene Mouton has always had a love of maths, which led to her discovering the abacus method, which can be used to teach the subject to children as young as three. Her company, A+ Students South Africa, teaches Soroban Abacus Maths and mental arithmetic, as well as providing retail educational play products to help children learn. “We assist them in understanding the basics of maths and mental arithmetic, whilst also ensuring powerful brain development. Our methods improve concentration and boost self-confidence, as well as improving intelligence and creating a love for maths. We take children to a level beyond where traditional classes and parents find themselves limited by a lack of knowledge,” she explains. Marlene adds that the business has launched its first retail store in a mall, which incorporates two custom-built classrooms and also sells educational retail play products. The concept has been created with formal franchising in mind and the company aims to expand this one-of-a-kind concept nationally, and has even received interest in taking it international. “My goal is to set up a minimum of 100 franchised stores nationally, and provide at least two international master franchise licences. To do this, we need to find suitable franchisees, who demonstrate a passion for teaching and helping children achieve their potential. We will train the franchisee in our methods and also provide business skills. Ultimately, this is a franchise business that can hardly fail, as it has two income streams – the retail of educational toys and the classroom training. I have no doubt that A+ Students can really make a difference in children's lives and help them to build their future.”

On-air Interview