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Turn anyone into a professional exhibitionist Not many people can turn exhibitionism into a career, but Sandro Corrado is not just anybody. Having been a designer of exhibition stands for 15 years, he realised that there was no reason for experiential branding to be cumbersome, expensive and wasteful. Having experienced many long nights, on-site stresses and logistical issues around project delivery, he was inspired to develop portable display solutions that eliminate the complications surrounding brand activations and the building of temporary structures at trade shows. “Essentially, what we do is we innovate! This means designing, manufacturing and supplying world class portable branding hardware and systems to marketers, promoters and events specialists. Our flagship product is FSD, which could be described as the Lego of the display world, as it is a modular display system that requires no tools to assemble.” Sandro explains that he partnered his experience as a designer of trade show booths with a mechanical engineer who had experienced his own share of trade show issues, and that working together they designed a better solution. The system is compact, easy to transport and install and allows for grand format textile print to be deployed at scales never seen before. “Textile printing is exploding globally,” he adds, “mainly due to the banning of PVC products indoors for fire safety reasons. Our goal is thus to invest in textile printing equipment to make our solutions even more competitive and enable us to enter new markets. We will also be focused in future on developing additional product concepts, to ensure more depth in our product mix. The future is definitely bright – in fact, our biggest concern in the next few years is not about how to grow the business, but rather how to manage the growth that we know is coming.”

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