Rydawi Fish Farm


Turning something fishy into a great business There’s nothing fishy about choosing the career you have always wanted - unless you happen to be William Kelly of Rydawi Fish Farms, since all he ever wanted to be was a fish farmer. Incredibly, he says, it turns out that there are many others who want to do the same thing, which has given him his business model, helping others to become fish farmers, while also contributing towards food security and financial security. “We sell fish farming on small and large scale and promote aquaculture. With our FarmInABox product, we offer a modular, scalable fish production unit that people can grow into their own business. It enables individuals to start small and learn before trying to expand. We can however, also cater for entities that want to get into aquaculture on a large scale,” he says. Kelly indicates that for a long time, South Africa’s aquaculture scene stumbled from one blunder to the next. It was because of this that he decided to charge into a gap in the market that, he says, may or may not actually have existed. “However, now that we are here, we want to own aquaculture to the extent that anyone who talks about it should have us top of mind. Aquaculture is certainly the fastest growing segment in agriculture globally, yet South Africa has practically none of it. This gives us plenty of room for expansion, while the fish farmed the way we do it is 100% steroid, hormone, antibiotic and chemical free, making it some of the healthiest farmed protein anyone could eat. With all these benefits, is it any wonder our ultimate aim is to develop an aquaculture industry worth several billion rand in turnover?”

On-air Interview