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Matla Risk Management Services


Money for jam (and other products) South Africa has a unique culture with its many spaza shops, but local owners face many challenges, particularly a lack of working capital, no controlled bulk procurement and few technology solutions. Owner of Matla Risk Management Services, Thabo Moodie, explains that he wanted to solve the challenge whereby a lack of banking and trading system infrastructure and financial support means that spaza merchants cannot always carry sufficient stock. “We offer spaza shops a trading point-of-sale system that can support them by assisting them to manage their stores and increase their trade, by accepting card and wallet payments. It also provides advice on stock levels, helps them to place orders electronically, and generates and stores data that can be used by banks to assess funding requirements,” he says. Having worked in financial services, for more nearly a decade, Thabo says his experiences with retail banking, card services, wealth management, investment banking and insurance means he has a deep appreciation of the environment. He also has experience running small a bottle store and butchery with a friend – meaning he clearly understand the challenges and hassles faced by Spazas when it comes to issues like cash flow, payments and stock control “Ultimately, our goal is to reach over 1900 Spazas, grouping them and servicing them through the provision of a point of sale, stock management and automated stock ordering system, thereby enabling them to gain access to financial services and working capital. Ultimately, I know that access to financial services will help to create sustainable businesses that will provide a future not only for the current generation, but also the one that comes after that.”

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