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Winters Business Enterprise


The business that’s too cool for words Some like it hot, but there are always other who prefer it cold, and Winders Mpofu, of Winters Refrigeration, claims to absolutely love refrigeration and air-conditioning. In addition, training is a passion, which is why the company has some of the most unique methods, including hand-to-eye coordination training. “Our business is all about sales, services and installations of refrigeration and air-condtionining units, while we also undertake refrigeration and air-conditioning training. We are engaged in continuous preventative maintenance in this space, and a key part of our job is to prevent machinery from breaking down. What sets our company apart is its turn-around time and the quality of work we provide – we literally solve problems for our customers.” One of the things that sets Winters Refrigeration apart is that the company sees things differently, offering tailor-made business solutions. Moreover, the company also focuses on imparting knowledge to its employees by providing them with skills. The key to success, he adds, is in understanding that the client is your boss and it is all about execution and ensuring that things get done, and that the services you provide are relevant and of high quality. “Looking ahead, I hope to continue growing the organisation, not only through increased sales, but also by diversifying the business and by developing projects that impart skills to the people. The goal is to introduce new products and services that add value and to be in a position to serve my customers even more effectively.”

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