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Integrity Control Systems


Providing security with Integrity Bouncing back from a rough patch requires integrity, but for Claudia Coetzer, it became the key focus on her business, Integrity Control Systems (ICS). Applying her inner qualities of determination, faith and passion, she launched ICS and has never looked back. Her customers, she says, reside across all market verticals, being that they are any organisation that faces risk related problems like theft, fraud, unauthorised access, security breaches, asset verification and tracking. “Our focus is on security, traceability and identification, through the marketing and distribution of integrity monitoring enablers. Our solutions are designed to deliver or enhance security and include security seals, bags, labels, totes, tags and the like, to help to mitigate problems. We deliver peace of mind by creating chains of custody, allowing customers to identify the point of liability, especially when multiple hands are involved in the value chain.” Claudia points out that crime will always exist, and is, in fact, becoming more sophisticated and more prolific. Therefore, customers will always have a need for asset protection and asset identification. She suggests that ICS sets itself apart through its passionate, highly engaged leadership and the carefully crafted supply experience it delivers. Industry-specific sales channels are managed by dedicated staff who share their prowess to solve problems effectively. “Ultimately, our goal is to be the supplier of choice in this niche sector, with a national and African footprint. A key part of our growth strategy is to find a reputable BEE partner, as the right partner in this regard will enable us to grow the business considerably,” she concludes.

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