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Delivery Xtreme


When you’ve got spooks in your house, who’re you going to call? Ghostbusters, naturally. However, when you need good quality food and you need it extremely fast, then you’d better call Delivery Xtreme. Anthony Drodskie says that he founded the company with his partner after becoming disillusioned by the lack of ethics and integrity displayed by the firm – now a direct competitor – that they used to work for. Instead, they formed Delivery Xtreme, confident in the knowledge that they could do the job properly. The company is a restaurant food delivery service that collects from a very close group of restaurants and only delivers to a radius of around 5km. This, says Anthony, means that couriers are able to deliver the food within 35 to 45 minutes from the time of ordering. Clients range from office workers in the CBD to students in the varsity residences. In addition, he says, the company delivers restaurant meals to just about anybody, supplying guest houses and B&Bs, hospitals, corporates and families in residential areas. According to Anthony, the business currently has 16 branches trading in four provinces, but he is hoping to franchise further. Ultimately, he says, the plan is to grow to around 80 branches nationally over the next decade. This, he believes will best be achieved by working closely with clients in the restaurant sector, by assisting them with local marketing and building their loyal customer base. Furthermore, he says the business must not deviate from its structure as far as logistics are concerned, meaning no deliveries of non-food items.

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