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Healthy livestock need their vitamins (and minerals and nucleotides) Kantha Mehta founded Ashkan Consulting because she wanted to be in charge of her own destiny. She launched the business alongside her husband, which gave the business a winning combination of technical and business skills. Identifying a unique niche in the market – providing solutions for those companies seeking for alternatives to replace antibiotic use, but still have healthy and reproductive animals – Ashkan has gone from strength to strength. “We develop and manufacture a range of nutraceutical products for all feed production animals. The products consist of vitamins, minerals and nucleotides, and are designed to enhance reproduction and immunity without using antibiotics. In addition, we have developed a novel gel block for use with animals when they are in transit,” she says She explains that there is a worldwide focus on gut health and a need to maximise the absorption of nutrients, in order to control gut pathogens in livestock of all kinds. Most existing products are aimed at the neonate animal, in order to assist it to get the best start in life, though there are also supplements required to increase immunity and overall health. Ashkan delivers on this while offering an alternative to standard antibiotic and growth promoter use. “We aim to increase our production so that we can export and be present on every continent. We are also looking at developing additional unique products for the animal health industry and are also considering a range of human nutritional products in a liquid form, which will address the issue of older people not being able to easily swallow tablets. Finally, our ultimate goal is to have a GMP and World Health Organisation-certified facility, as this would take our business to the next level.”

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