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Shout, shout - let it all out Safety is a basic right, whatever community you come from, and when Thulile Mthethwa’s sister suffered a violent attack in her home in Tembisa, she decided to ensure that all South African citizens would have access to a decent security offering. Thus, Memeza Shout was born, a community alarm system that is making a significant impact on crime, particularly in those mid to low income communities, which do not have access to private security firms. “Memeza Shout is SA's first public alarm system, designed to provide communities with a direct link to the SAPS and Community Policing Forums, as well as to neighbours and family. Our goal is to provide the market with an affordable, low tech system that is effective and is endorsed by SAPS.” Crime, she points out, is always on the increase, while the resources available to fight it are inevitably limited. Thus, finding innovative solutions to fight the rising tide of criminality is vital. According to Thulile, Memeza Shout has already had an impact here, with the company noting both a significant reduction in serious crimes and an improvement in SAPS response time in areas where the solution has been implemented. “Our next step is to create our own manufacturing plant that can produce 100% Proudly South African safety technology, that we can make available to every South African citizen, ensuring that all communities can work as one to fight crime. This will also enable us to create jobs and help meet the goals of national development,” she says.

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