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The Godfada Recording Label


Play that funky music! When it comes to records, Masia Mashapa knows a thing or two about making and breaking them. Having been a buyer of deep house music for over 20 years, he found that it was difficult to get good music when purchasing from online music stores, and many other Deep House enthusiasts also claimed to be starved of their genre of music. Masia decided to produce for these fans, through the Godfada Recording Label. “We produce nostalgic music that calms you down and can be played in the background while you work, yet you can also dance to it, should you wish. Our music is available 24/7 through an app and is aimed at Deep House lovers of both genders and all ages, but it is also ideal for everything from clothing retail shops, fashion shows and restaurants, to dee-jays, night clubs, and radio and television stations seeking a local content quota.” The company is built on the love of Deep House music and the desire to provide it to consumers, who, he says give regular feedback on the music either in person or through Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. There is also plenty of room for growth, as a great deal of interest is being shown in the business from those countries renowned for their love of Deep House music, like the UK, US and Germany. “South Africa leads the world in Deep House music and we stand on the threshold of exporting this music to the world through appropriate marketing. Furthermore, we aim to have over 100 million subscribers to our service in the near future, as well as access to bulk buyers such as mobile phone networks, casinos and various radio networks, who will buy content and pay us royalties for that,” he explains.

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