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It’s all about having the right Technique As someone who has always loved building things and solving problems, Bryan Hart quickly identified high bright LED technology as a business opportunity when it first hit the market, forming Technique Electronics to make much more reliable automotive lights for the transport industry. This gave customers numerous benefits, including less down time on vehicles, fewer fines and safer vehicle operation. “Today, Technique undertakes bespoke contract electronics manufacturing for the security, railways, and transport sectors, as well as own-products manufacturing, lighting for the industrial, automotive, water-feature and mining industries, and specialised Internet of Things (IoT) products that solve the problem of physical key management.” Bryan points out that Technique Electronics products solve problems across a wide range of industries in the mining industrial and automotive sector. He adds that the business has recently specialised in the Reky Bluetooth access control product, which is a lock and gate control that is particularly relevant to the CIT, armed response and technical service industry. “With proper focus and the development of a sales and marketing engine, we should be able to grow the Reky market share significantly. We also want to invest in tooling and automation equipment and to revamp and reduce costs on existing products. The ultimate aim, of course, is to develop an export market, and appoint agents outside the country for export into South America, Australia and the US.”

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