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Semane Consulting Engineers


Don’t get technical – leave that to the consultants Engineering consultants operate in a very specialised realm, so when Joel Mokgohlwa recognised the need for independent engineering infrastructure solutions in the public and private sectors, particularly in transportation, water and mining infrastructure, Semane Consulting Engineers was born. “We provide professional engineering consulting services to mining, industrial and public customers, focused on infrastructure. Due to the specialised nature of our field, customers such as mining houses, public entities and industrial customers come to us when in need of technical engineering and design expertise and solutions related to their infrastructure requirements,” explains Joel. He adds that the company keeps a keen eye on industry trends, recognising that clients’ desires for one-stop, turnkey solutions with the provision of financing for projects is huge at present. Semane is also closely studying the application of smart software packages and Artificial Intelligence, as well as embracing the benefits of the Internet of Things, automation and the benefits of focus on cost-of-lifetime infrastructure provisioning or ownership. “We have the skills, the expertise, the competitiveness and the passion to partner with clients all over Africa for large and medium sized infrastructure projects in both the public and private sectors. Furthermore, we plan to expand and diversify our current service offerings and customer base across multiple industries and across the continent. Ultimately, by working closely with our clients, we will evolve with them in the fast changing business landscape that is increasingly being transformed by technology and socio-economic trends,” he concludes.

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