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Making a clean sweep! They say that cleanliness is next to godliness, and Sizwe Tshabalala learned to appreciate small scale pollution treatment as a youngster, picking up all the litter around his church's perimeter on a Saturday, so that on Sunday morning the yard was clean and welcoming to all. He suggests that this made him a bit pedantic about keeping the environment clean, which is a key reason he launched Precious Ties, which provides a high-impact and sustainable solution to keep commercial properties, industrial plants and mines clean. “Our solution is a green system designed for the external cleaning of premises and dust suppression. It also helps by trapping dirt to be recycled by turning it into pellets which can be treated or recycled at a later stage”.he says. What sets Precious Ties apart is its ability to continuously innovate around providing a sustainable solution to its clients' working spaces. The company is able to formulate solutions for various industrial businesses that need to manage their operations’ pollution challenges. “Our clients definitely appreciate our solution and find that it makes a high-impact difference to their properties. For me, it provides an avenue to help employ many people and for this reason, we are striving to increase our footprint in the three main areas we currently operate in. The nest step after this will be to secure mining and industrial clients beyond South Africa’s borders.”

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