For best results, use the eRoute2market In the modern world, data is much more than just a character on ‘Star Trek: The Next generation. Data can provide the answer to one of the biggest questions asked by manufacturers, namely: where is this product being sold and how much of it is being sold? It was to determine the answer to this question that Carmel Peinke launched eRoute2market, a company that analyses product 'movement' through non-traditional channels. “Basically, we extract and analyse data from a wide range of alternative channels and provide our clients with live information, tell them where their brands are actually being sold, as well as recommending partners, distributors or channels that will help them to achieve their growth targets. We effectively assist them in bringing products to all potential consumers, regardless of where they live or shop, and we advise on route to market solutions and partners, to ensure these consumers have access to relevant products.” Data is absolutely essential for understanding and growth, she continues, and eRoute2market takes data from a multitude of sources, scrubs it and makes it available to clients. This is done in a format that makes sense to all team members - from operations to sales, through marketing and right up to executive level. “Since data is the key to the future, we have plenty of room for growth, starting with expansion into Africa and China. We also plan to set up test spaza-type stores in rural areas, which manufacturers can part-fund to help enable local people to benefit from job creation. My plan includes training and development – like how to be an entrepreneur, manage cash flow and source products,” concludes Carmel.

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