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A lounge lizard is better than a couch potato! Lounging around is no way to make a living, particularly since – as Cecil Kagan found out after 20 years of manufacturing lounge suites – it is an industry that is seriously overtraded. Instead, he used his wealth of experience in this business, combined with an interest in design and fabrics, to develop a new trend and concept – realising the potential for recliners in SA, Calgan Recliners was born. “Our Lounge product comprises eight modular recliner sections with interlocking clips, which can be configured to make up many different suites. This allows customers to build a recliner suite to suit their space, in their choice of covering and in their preferred colour. Being modular the pieces of the suites are packed individually, which also curbs delivery damage, makes them easy to carry and ensures that logistics and stock holding are exceptionally efficient,” he says. The company is extremely efficient, suggests Cecil, due to only producing eight sections, although he is quick to add that these eight segments can fit together in different ways, creating a complete range of well over 200 suites of recliners, which can be created in various colours and covers. “We expect to make a big splash with Xenia, Calgans' new ground breaking and innovative weatherproof, non-rust and UV resistant outdoor motion patio furniture, while we are also seeking to build a formidable continental brand for our recliners across Africa. We also plan to extend our footprint in the manufacture of theatre seating, which is also a large part of our production.”

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