Southern Mapping


X marks the spot! Location, location, location may be the realtor’s mantra, but unless you know a bit more detail about the property, location is only half the battle. This is where Southern Mapping comes in, explains Norman Banks, as it uses technology in innovative ways to assist with mining operations and exploration, infrastructure design, agriculture, environmental management and urban and regional planning. “We offer position-based information for clients, providing data to help them solve problems relating to their land. We initially began with orthophotos and elevations for mining and engineering clients needing high accuracy data for design and planning. Today our clients use our information to identify potential mineral deposits, plan mine expansions, calculate stockpile volumes, design a new roads or powerlines, look for possible sinkholes or slope failures, manage crops and identify vegetation classes,” he adds. While there are other companies that offer aerial survey and satellite information, Southern Mapping provides a broad range of services. It also uses information from a wider range of sources than most, including satellites, manned aircraft, drones and ground based surveys. This also enables it to serve a wide range of markets sectors. “While we see new problems every day that we could help to solve, we do not always have the capacity to develop the solutions and market them to all of the potential users. This means that the key to the future is for us to scale up, with the ultimate goal of servicing the rest of Africa as well. We also need to convert our ideas into products, as this will help us to diversify our income streams.”

On-air Interview