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National Solder Company


Some people live in a state of flux, while others give up a chosen profession to move into flux. That’s exactly what Kiritkumar Daya did, having grown tired of his chosen profession of pharmacist, he decided to seek out a more lucrative business and found it with National Solder Company. Taking inspiration from his father, who always encouraged him to seek new opportunities and take calculated risks, he decided to do something very different and went into the business of manufacturing with his brother. “National Solder Company manufactures soldering wire and fluxes for various industries such as plumbing, electrical, electronic, and even art, as well as undertaking specialised castings. There are only two manufacturers of solder in SA, and we pride ourselves on our quality and service, and the ability to meet customer needs when required,” says Kiritkumar. National Solder Company was established in 1939 and was bought out by the brothers in 2003. Kiritkumar points out that although they didn't know a lot about the business initially, it afforded them an opportunity to enter the manufacturing sector, to trade base metals like tin and lead and have a confirmed customer base, as there are several industries that depend on their products. “We will continue to grow from strength to strength, and we have targeted areas of weakness, like the electronic and mining industries, where we see great potential. We see technology are a driving force for the business because almost everything these days relies on digital technology, and our short term destination is to boost our turnover to between R100 million and R200 million in the next five years.” “For the highest quality soldering wire and fluxes, and the best service, look no further than National Solder.”

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