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On-Track Technology


Getting on the right track Weight and stress are not only problems middle-aged people have to fear – they can be just as concerning in the rail industry.Francesco Costella's partner, Chris Uys, launched On-Track Technology following a requirement from Transnet Freight Rail for high speed accurate train weighing solutions. Once a foothold in the rail industry had been established, he explains, the company grew as clients approached us for solutions for various problems in the rail industry. “We provide a small range of specialised instrumentation products to the railway industry, including trade-approved in-motion weighbridges, an on-board safety system, train condition monitoring and railway longitudinal stress monitoring. We design, manufacture and support all of our products, which are targeted at railway carriers, miners and siding operators.” Costella says that the company is technically strong and has a globally competitive product line, which is complemented by its excellent price competitiveness. This puts it in a strong position in the SA market, and its 100% ownership of its own IP positions it to achieve success with current and future products. “There is a huge number of untapped foreign markets, including the US and Europe, and we have only just begun to penetrate the Australian market. We aim to increase our foreign income by 20% annually, while locally, we aim to obtain 40% of our income – up from 15% currently – from annuity sources over this period. This will require a clear strategy in terms of marketing and product offering and positioning,” he concludes.

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