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Rexus Trading Pty Ltd


While it is not common business practice for SMEs to merely ‘go with the flow’, Rexus Trading has built its business on doing exactly that. Owner Allistair Balutto says that the company services the water and wastewater industry through a unique blend of products and services. He explains that Rexus designs, manufactures and supplies its own brand of pipes, couplings, valves and fittings. Moreover, the company provides design, sales and aftersales and even onsite technical support for contractors, traders, municipalities, water boards and parastatals. Allistair explains that the reasons for his success are numerous. He has an intimate understanding of the industry that enables the company to identify opportunities and provide better and more comprehensive products and services. He also brings an excellent technical understanding to the table, enabling packages to be tailored to the client, along with a range of patented solutions and niche products that allows the business to grow its margins and market share. He is currently focused on crafting a more efficient way of tendering on multiple projects and placing a greater emphasis on local manufacture. He says that Rexus is already one of only a handful of companies in the industry that is focused on local manufacture, not to mention training. This is because he believes his organisation should constantly place emphasis on strong technical support and expertise. Allistair believes that by remain innovative, investing in people and constantly refining its current processes and product lines, Rexus will continue to succeed. That said, he wants to develop it into an entity with a significant export market share, on the back of its innovative and patented range of products, and ultimately, to be the technical and innovative hub for the entire industry.

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