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It is almost a cliché in most Hollywood movies, where the hero – despite following the protocol of stepping out into the road and yelling ‘taxi!’ in order to hail a cab – fails dismally to attract the attention of any of the ubiquitous yellow cars. Of course, if the hero was in SA, all he would need is a smart phone and SnappCab. Developed by Anton van Metzinger, SnappCab delivers a mobile application that connects passengers and metered cabs, efficiently, safely and conveniently matching supply and demand. In this way, he says, the business ensures that consumers win while at the same time catalysing job growth. SnappCab will implement and operate a cab dispatch app which can be downloaded onto smart phones or tablets. This App allows customers – with a mere click of a button - to order a cab; connect to the driver and exchange details; track the cab’s progress to them real-time; pay with cash or an in-app credit card; rate the driver and their experience; and even earn loyalty points. Naturally, he adds, a full history of trips undertaken is kept by the app. Anton believes that his company is the first to market with a multi-platform product of this nature, which breaks new technical and functional ground. He aims to tap into the wave of increased mobile transacting, coupled with the growing desire to utilise public transport. He is excited by the convergence of these two trends and believes that through his slick, fun and world-class app, SnappCab will be able to reinforce and help grow both these dynamics. Moreover, he points out that as the number of SnappCab trips increase, it will help to create additional jobs.

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