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Crayve Presentations (Pty) Ltd.


People seldom pay much attention to the box a gift comes in, since it is merely the container that holds the surprise. However, when you are selling expensive jewellery and watches, the case in which you display your products becomes a vital aspect of the sales process. After all, who would buy an expensive ring if it was displayed in a shabby case? Clayton Ray, of Crayve Presentations understands this principle well, since his company focuses on supplying high quality, competitively priced presentation solutions for the jewellery and watch industries. He points out that his company offers the industry a strong selection of quality finished ranges with well managed stock levels. He has built his competitive advantage from delivering consistently high service levels, while also providing additional benefits, such as free in-house printing to customers. Moreover, says Clayton, through his company’s international partners, he is able to access international trends and expertise, while also assisting with sourcing and importing exclusive products and ranges for customers. Crayve not only sources and supplies specialised packaging, display, tray and labelling solutions from its world-wide network, he says, but is also able to manufacture. This gives the Southern African market convenient access to international trends in bespoke presentation products, adds Clayton. Looking ahead, he says that there is even greater potential for these-bespoke type products, particularly in light of the current Rand volatility and increasing supplier pricing and import costs. By manufacturing some products in-house, he is able to maintain cost controls, negating the above challenges and increasing the company’s potential for growth. He also sees potential for Crayve to diversify its offerings into other sectors, such as home ware, décor and gifting.

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