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Nobody likes to be wound up, which is why it seems a little strange that Daniel Sibisi has crafted an entire business model out of this. Vuma Tech Engineering, he says, provides a service known as armature winding, which is essentially the refurbishing of electrical motors. He explains that the idea of opening an armature winding business came about whilst working for his previous employer. He noticed that potential customers would often leave in disgust after being told that their repairs would take two to three weeks to be completed. Daniel says that he immediately spotted a gap in the market and chose to put into good use the experience he had gained, by launching his own company. The timing was good, adds Daniel, as the industry in which the company is operating is currently experiencing growth. Furthermore, the nature of the service guarantees continued business, as an increasing number of companies - especially within the rail freight and mining industries - require electrical motor servicing. Looking ahead, he is excited about potential future opportunities arising out of Eskom’s capacity expansion projects, the Passenger Rail Agency of SA’s fleet renewal programme and of course the government’s National Development Plan (NDP) with its strong focus on infrastructure. The latter, he adds, will clearly need artisans to cope with the increasing amount of maintenance required for success. He suggests that the best business differentiators are the ones he himself utilises, namely pricing, quality service, quality product and most importantly, a good guarantee and strong after-sales service. Ultimately, says Daniel, he wants to expand his business concept to the whole of South Africa, taking it beyond just Gauteng and refurbishing motors in places like the Free State, Mpumalanga, the North West and KwaZulu-Natal.

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