Kushesh Express

Web: http://www.kushesh.co.za

Email: ashley@kushesh.co.za

Tel: 011 472 1899/082 373 9797

Kushesh Express


While Kushesh Express’ name may be reminiscent of an Indian take-away restaurant, nothing could be further from the truth. This is a company founded by Ashley Mulligan with the aim of providing a very niche courier service to the healthcare sector. Ashley says that in an industry utilising medical products that are fragile and vulnerable to damage and contamination, a courier company that can transport these safely and speedily is what is required. Kushesh Express provides same day delivery services and, in those cases where deliveries are within the same town, within two hours. This service is offered to hospitals, clinics, government health points, retirement and frail care centres and rural clinics. Ashley is excited about the future, as there are many aspects driving this business forward, including an increasing number of companies that are ordering goods for just-in-time delivery, instead of holding stock. In addition, a growing internal business emphasis on supply chain management, a desire to reduce costs and improve efficiencies and a focus on outsourcing non-core business functions are all playing into Kushesh’s hands. Ashley says what sets Kushesh apart is the simple fact that the company delivers on its promises. Furthermore, its drivers are trained specifically to handle healthcare delivery protocol, including delivery into operating theatres. As the company does not multi-load, there is no risk of contamination. The company values its reputation, which, says Ashley, is why it offers honesty and integrity in all its business dealings. Looking forward, the critical need for the company is to conduct a proper refresh of its vehicles, thereby reducing maintenance costs and vehicle downtime. However, adds Ashley, the real focus is on a national expansion plan, so that ultimately, there will be a Kushesh Express hub in all major city centres in SA.

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