Heavens Lofts


When you want a room with a view, it is generally accepted that you will have to put up with dust, noise and inconvenience, and in some instances, find alternative accommodation. Not so with Darren Kumin’s company, Heaven’s Lofts, which is a wood frame construction specialist, providing eco-friendly and sustainable home expansion solutions. Darren says that when he launched the business, there was not too much competition, and he chose to differentiate himself from the rest by choosing a building method that is clean, has no need for heavy machinery or construction vehicles, requires no reinforced supporting walls and effectively creates minimal inconvenience for the homeowner, in that there is no need to find alternative accommodation, due to its unparalleled building speed. He says that while most South Africans are accustomed to the conventional brick and mortar way of building, Heaven’s Lofts has products that are eco-friendly and sustainable and its building methods ensure construction causes no damage to the environment. On average, he adds, the Heaven’s Lofts timber frame building method is 50% more time and energy efficient than conventional brick and mortar building methods, while the building method itself is clean. The company provides affordable and customised wood frames that are environmentally-friendly. Products include loft rooms, roof rooms, timber frame homes, wooden decks, wooden staircases and mezzanine floors. Darren says that he has the edge on his competitors because of the company’s small overheads, which make his pricing more affordable. At the same time, he offers more services, providing customers with a full turnkey solution, and he is continuously looking to add more services to his already broad range. The ultimate goal, he concedes, would be to expand the business to the point where he has franchises across the nation.

On-air Interview