Repairs Pro Technology


The term ‘cloud nine’, being one that raises images of happiness and an easy life, is therefore not one that would generally be associated with repairs and service management. However, David Jankelowitz’s Repairs Pro Technology business not only offers a software tool that enables companies to effectively manage workshop and service processes, it does it via the cloud. There is, says David, countless business in Southern Africa that has manual or antiquated systems to handle the repairs or service process. Repairs Pro Technology can cater to multiple industries and offers a cost-effective productivity tool that is easy to use, understand and teach. Moreover, it does not require countless hours and large amounts of money to implement. He says his business can provide automated job cards, client communication and customisation according to specific requirements. This, in turn, results in reduced expenses and increased productivity, enhancing the experience for both the business and its customer. . The business offers a very personal service, adds David, as it is invested in the entire process. He also insists that all clients are given the best service, regardless of their size. Repairs Pro Technology offers certain functionality that cannot be achieved elsewhere, he states, or at least not at the price his company can do so, thanks to the cloud. Being cloud-based massively reduces costs, as clients do not need to invest in expensive hardware infrastructure. David believes his continued success is due to being extremely passionate about his business. It gives him great satisfaction, he explains, to see his product enhancing the productivity of another business. Drawing on this success, he says he now plans to become a leading supplier of niche software management tools to businesses, across multiple industries and multiple products. Tweet: Put your repairs and service management strategy on cloud nine.

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