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The Roman poet Juvenal once asked the question: ‘Who guards the guards?’ Martin Doyle’s company, Cor-Secure doesn’t so much answer the question as it makes it a moot point, as his business is all about providing off-Site CCTV monitoring which allows for a high level of security without endangering the lives of guards. With Cor-Secure, says Martin, client premises are protected by cameras and detectors, which are linked to the company’s main control room via satellite. He says that the advantage of this system is that Cor-Secure is often able to prevent losses merely by challenging intruders over a loudspeaker system. In addition, he says, clients also use it as a management tool and it is particularly ideal for securing very isolated sites. Martin speaks from experience, having been in the security business for nearly three decades. He says he realised as far back as 1984 that SA would follow the criminal trends found in other westernised countries, so he felt that starting a security company was a logical step. Cor-Secure’s method, he says, is far more cost effective than using physical guards, while at the same time removing the potential for threats or bribery to occur. He says that he believes the only real hurdle to phenomenal growth for his company is the need to overcome the tradition of using on-site guards as opposed to technology. He nonetheless anticipates such growth and is planning for regional sales teams, each with technical support services and a greatly enlarged control room. This, he adds, will be able to control both South African operations, as well as any potential expansions into neighbouring states.

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