Closing the Gap Education


It doesn’t take an educated guess to realise that many people today are unhappy with the state of education in the country. For Adam Dobson, it was an obvious and smart move, therefore, to develop a response to enable leaners to be educated differently. Closing the Gap (CTG) Education enables youngsters to learn in smaller groups and to benefit from a more intensive, hands-on educational experience. Adam says that CTG provides tutoring for those who seek alternative ways of being educated. It provides intimate, small group studies, a personalised programme of learning and a wide range of support and assistance. CTG also creates a safe, affirming and effective learning environment where young people can explore their potential, rather than fit a mould. The key, he adds, lies in the company’s focus on providing small groups of three to one, a ten-day mark order, and a personal daily programme. He explains that CTG can change direction immediately in response to social or academic needs. Everything is done in a flexible manner and adjusted daily. Adam indicates that the current trend towards alternative educational solutions for young people has placed CTG at the cutting edge of quality, specific-needs education. The three to one ratio is inviolate, as it creates intimate and personalised learning experiences. Looking ahead, he says that CTG has the energy and expertise in education, what is needed now is the knowledge to direct this in the best possible direction, in order to continue to grow the CTG model. After all, CTG’s business is ultimately about people and about changing their lives.

On-air Interview