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Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) is an issue that all South African businesses need to deal with, even though few know exactly how to tackle the legislation and policies surrounding this. Understanding how confusing this can be for companies, Bruce Rowe launched his business, Mpowered Business Solutions. Starting out as a BEE consulting company, Mpowered has developed into a business that is exclusively focused on offering BEE IT Solutions. Bruce says the company has leveraged its years of consulting experience and insights to develop a software solution to enable companies to manage the broader BEE process internally. This software can assist companies to manage the entire BEE process, from developing and managing the implementation of BEE strategy to managing and automating the verification preparation process. It also provides access to one of the largest BEE certificate databases, populated by some of the largest rating agencies. He explains that the solution incorporates a broad range of complex functions that meet the needs of large organisations to manage complex BEE measurement environments. At the same time, Mpowered has also introduced a product aimed at smaller businesses, offering them a cost effective solution as well. Currently, he adds, the business is developing the new BEE Codes into its solutions, after which it will focus on the sector codes. Bruce believes that the real challenge lies in getting companies to understand how software can act as an enabler to help them to proactively manage a very strategic element of their business. While BEE may be a very South African issue, Bruce is already looking to new markets and has plans to develop Web-based business applications that will be relevant for companies operating in the rest of Africa.

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