Radical Holdings (Pty) Ltd


South Africa is a rugged country, which explains why so many people feel the need to drive 4x4s. However, little consideration of this fact is given when international wheelchair providers deliver their products into the country. Realising this, wheelchair user Martin Brown came up with the concept of Radical Mobility, a company that designs rugged wheelchairs to cope with South Africa’s rural terrain. Martin says his idea was to design something that was as rugged and tough as the people of this nation – locally built chairs that are low- to no-maintenance and are perfect for the vast rural areas of the country. Radical Mobility, he says, is the only company that totally custom builds wheelchairs in Africa. This involves going to see each customer, in order to establish what would be the best solution for them and their mobility needs in their specific environment. Then the chair is custom built for them. Martin adds that his major differentiator is the fact that he not only designed the product, but he uses it himself every day - who better to sell you a wheelchair than the guy sitting in it and using it, he asks. Naturally, eh says, it is impractical to try and manufacture everything locally, so his business has identified two international companies that share the vision of being Radical’ it is seeking to work with. He believes their products will blend well with his existing ones, ultimately serving the country’s needs. Martin suggests that moving forward, he has several aims. This includes finding suppliers in Namibia and Botswana, as well as expanding further into Africa. He also wants to continue to develop his branch in Durban, which is one that specialises in wheelchairs for children.

On-air Interview