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In any sporting movie, the protagonist always reaches their peak thanks to a training montage. While montage training doesn’t exist in the real world, Paul Hanly says that LA Intronet’s Adaptive Learning (AL) technology is the next best thing – and it’s real!It is clear that the massive unemployment and huge skills shortages that exist in South Africa are a major challenge for businesses of all sizes. For this reason, explains Paul, AL is the right technology at the right time, offering as it does a complete and bespoke online course that is inexpensive to deploy and can be used from beginning of recruitment process all way through to continuous professional development. AL is the next generation of e-learning solutions, says Paul. Being cloud-based education, it is easily available on smart devices, meaning it has the potential to revolutionise how we learn across the entire continent. He points out that true to its name, Adaptive Learning constantly develops learning pathways suited to the individual’s own knowledge gaps, leaving out content that is already known and instead factoring in content that is less well understood. This makes it easy to create bespoke solutions for organisations and to develop courses that are crafted to suit individual organisations’ or employees’ specific needs. He adds that his biggest challenge is making potential clients aware that the technology is inexpensive enough that even SMEs can afford bespoke course development. As Paul suggests, South Africa is a nation where there are probably close to a million jobs open, but with no skills available to fill them. With AL technology, he believes there is an opportunity to not only bridge this skills divide, but to springboard off of this to boost economic productivity across the nation, and even the continent.

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