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The Bespoke Amenities Company


It’s not where your product is made, but the care and attention with which it is made, and the quality and service you provide with it. This is the view of Bruce Turner, who says he is really excited about the manufacturing industry in SA and believes we can easily compete with international brands. His business, The Bespoke Amenities Co. is tangible proof that it is possible to compete with imports if you offer better quality and overall value. Bruce says that he has created a business that designs, manufactures and delivers amenities to a range of hotels. Moreover, in less than two years, it has also created 85 local jobs and – thanks to his big ambitions - aims to continue creating employment. The current market trend, towards locally manufactured products and a growing focus on purchasing quality products, rather than whatever is cheapest, is also playing directly into his hands. He adds that neighbouring countries are also turning more regularly to SA for supply. Bruce says his ultimate vision is for the company to be able to mark everything it produces as 100% manufactured in SA. Already close to this goal, the company now needs to begin manufacturing its own packaging. Looking further ahead, his vision is not to be just the best supplier in South Africa, but in all of Africa, and ultimately the rest of the world. The first stage of this is reaching the point where the business is operating across the whole of the SADC region and sub-equatorial Africa – and since it is already exporting to nine African countries, Bruce is certainly making headway towards his ultimate objective!

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