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Many people claim to have seen ‘the sign’, but far fewer realise that there’s a fair chance it was one of Christopher Clark’s digital media displays. His company, Public Display Technologies (PDT), specialises in digital media displays and interactive electronic kiosks and ATMs, although the company also supplies solutions for other communications technology applications.The company spun out of a start-up called JukeboxTV, which he launched across the country in all the KEGS. This solution allowed patrons to SMS their song requests to the screen, enabling bar-goers to create their own vibe from a selection of musical hits. Although JukeboxTV failed, the concept of using digital media innovatively remains in PDT.He launched Public Display Technologies because he thrives on making systems better. Christopher says this could be anything from devising a mechanism that could intelligently calculate traffic pressure and vehicle flows, to understanding the factors that motivate staff to deliver awesome service and solutions.The latter concept, explains Christopher, has found voice in a software product PDT calls TV Republic, which allows companies to communicate across the entire organisation, as well as measuring their employees’ engagement. This, he says, means that it can help prevent strikes and high-turnover of staff.He is nothing, if not ambitious, pointing out that the company has plans to list on the JSE in 2020, with and structures currently being formalised in this regard. Moreover, he hopes to boost his turnover to the point where he can begin to consider acquisitions, in order to help consolidate this particular industry, before some of the large multinationals begin eating his cake.

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