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RAC Driving Solutions


When Willie Nelson was pining to be ‘on the road again’, he clearly didn’t mean South African roads, which have a notoriously bad reputation in terms of accidents. Eugene Herbert, however, is well aware of the need to curb the country’s high death tolls, an awareness that led directly to the development of his business, RAC Driving Solutions, which offers advanced driving courses to improve the abilities of drivers on the roads.There is a growing awareness of the importance of such action, says Eugene, and many people in both private and public sector organisations are beginning to realise the importance of driver education in reducing road fatalities. He says that RAC Driving Solutions offers a number of advanced driver training programmes, including defensive driving, hijack risk management workshops and our latest programme, which is truck roll over prevention.Moreover, the company is constantly updating its training programmes, with newer technologies and ideas. It also partners with like-minded entities that are equally passionate about road safety. Such programmes, he explains, not only improve driver skills and safety, but also assist clients in reducing costs due to collisions, fuel usage and general wear and tear.As for what lies ahead, Eugene wants to widen the company’s footprint and work with corporations, particularly those that hold themselves to high international values, as this will further drive home the message of road safety to staff, their families and their suppliers.He also wants to break into the neglected area of drivers’ education for teen drivers, and also assist in improving driving standards in local law enforcement. We have all the basics in place, he adds, all the company needs to truly take it to the next level is a platform on which to communicate its benefits and thus spread the message of road safety in all its forms.

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