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Bundu Power


The struggle for power has been part of human history for as long as we can remember, but that struggle has taken a decisive turn since Nicholas von Broembsen launched his company, Bundu Power.Describing himself as passionate about three things, namely electricity, sustainability and technology, Nicholas points out that all three of these issues go hand-in-hand with Bundu Power, which is ultimately about providing solutions to keep businesses and homes running, rain or shine.He says that the company offers a range of generators which run on petrol or diesel, or natural and LP gas. In addition to the generators, the company supplies solar panels, borehole pumps and solar hybrid systems. The idea, says Nicholas, is to enable consumers and businesses to avoid the current dependence on the national water and electricity supplies. Customers range from households to industrial factories and Bundu provides a range of products to suit requirements and budgets. He adds that most customers are forward thinking people, who understand the need to either have backup power or to move off the grid.He is quick to explain that Bundu is a reputable company that offers the best service at reasonable prices. He says that he understands the industry generally took a reputational knock in 2008, when the power problems led to fly-by-night operators damaging its image. For this reason, we believe in offering superior customer service.Looking ahead, Nicholas aims to become the supplier of choice for all individuals and companies. He says that when someone discusses a generator or a solar system, Bundu is the name that should be the first to come to mind. He adds that the company is also working on getting one of its ranges into a big, box store chain. This is the kind of distribution and brand recognition that he believes will take the business to the next level.

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