Software Testing Solutions Pty Ltd


Many people get into the IT space in the vain view that it is ‘all about the money’, but with STS Africa, Dr Shahed Suliman Nosarka actually took that view its logical conclusion, helping to develop the company’s new e-commerce technology innovation, which he believes will be a genuine game-changer. Inspiration, says Shahed, comes from having a passion for innovation through technology, and such innovation will change the world. Where others see problems, he sees the opportunity to formulate a solution, adding that the company’s latest e-commerce technology innovation - Fusion Platforms - is the current fuel that drives him. STS, continues Shahed, provides complete software quality services from product inception to system launch. Its software quality services include software requirements management, process improvement, quality planning, functional and performance testing. In addition, it is driven forward by current trends, including those of e-commerce, mobile applications development, software certification and cloud computing. He suggests that the e-commerce innovation STS Africa has developed will do no less than completely revolutionise the way industries operate. Having already secured various successful engagements both in SA and abroad, Shahed says that the innovation has clearly proven credible already. In fact, he believes that STS can do for e-commerce what Google has done for search. Clearly, this is a company with ambitious plans, and he says that the new e-commerce platform will benefit all participating parties, including media partners/traffic generators, manufacturers, retailers, couriers and consumers. With this in mind, STS has short-term, medium-term and long-term goals, which he feels will ultimately, secure the company a position as the global market leader in e-commerce.

On-air Interview