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Nothing is more important than one’s health, is how the old saying puts it, and Amtronix takes that to heart, offering a full range of screening, diagnostic and clinical equipment, in the belief that reliable testing and correct diagnosis leads to increased patient satisfaction. Steven John Geier became involved with Amtronix upon realising the importance of supplying and maintaining occupational health equipment. After all, he says, we are committed to being a leading source of quality health screening and diagnostic instruments that acquire, analyse and interpret occupational health and environmental data. As an example, he points out how noise-induced hearing loss is a preventable problem, yet employee exposure to potentially hazardous noise levels occurs in the workplace every day. One of the company’s services, therefore, is designed to help industrial and mining professionals comply with hearing conservation standards. Another example of the good work Amtronix does is the hearing screening it provides for infants. The company is committed to high quality products, training and support in its journey into the future of audiology and occupational health, says Steven, adding that this mission is supported by its friendly, experienced and professional staff. Looking forward, he suggests that he would love to be able to purchase additional demo equipment, since it is his experience that when clients can touch, feel and actually use the devices, they are more inclined to purchase them. He would also like to be able to purchase additional calibration equipment. Ultimately, adds Steven, his goal is to build Amtronix into a major global supplier in the occupational health and diagnostic audiology market, and he plans to achieve this by continuing to work harder to supply integrated solutions to all his company’s clients.

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