Industrial Data Xchange (IDX)



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Industrial Data Xchange (IDX)


Sometimes, industrial-size challenges require industrial-size solutions, but David Bean founded Industrial Data Xchange on the simple principle that work could be made better, simpler and more efficient, by coupling technology, people and business processes in a manner that enables it all to work more effectively. Today, his company provides world-class industrial connectivity solutions that solve challenging integration problems in what is a growing and changing industrial market. The business is built around two offerings, namely niche skills and strong products and services focused on plant performance and availability, in particular targeting the sweating of customer assets. David adds that the foundation of the business remains a simple set of moral principles – success, he believes, is built on being unashamedly ethical, transparent, willing to learn and go to extraordinary lengths to maintain the clients’ trust. And of course, doing all of this while delivering solutions at a fair price. You could say the company builds relationships, he suggests. His ultimate goal is to see the business become a global partner to at least one multinational mining house. He also wants to have its remote monitoring framework situated in at least 30 sites – this will enable the business to break out of the R10m-R15m bracket, and into the R100m bracket. With this achieved, David feels that he will have the ability to create a more formalised and structured wealth sharing structure for employees and socio-economic recipients. Ultimately, he wants thye business to reach a point where it is self-sustaining, and thus is no longer anchored directly to himself. In this way, he continues, the employees will be able to reap the rewards and both society and the environment will benefit. Of course, he remains thoughtful enough to suggest that by the time this happens, he would also have secured enough income to sustain himself and his wife after retirement!

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