Big B Chickens


Having started his career as full time musician, singing for the band Changing Face, Lloyd Peltier knew from an early point in his career that he could never succeed if he was chicken. After gaining plenty of experience while also managing the band and handling all the bookings, his career took a rather fowl turn when he chose to enter the poultry market instead. Lloyd says that being passionate about building brands, as he did with his band, he could not pass up the opportunity to buy into the Big B Chickens business. Working for yourself, he adds, provides challenges and rewards no other work can offers. A successful business gives one unlimited freedom to do the things one want to do. Big B Chickens is a retail business that sells fresh and frozen chicken to the lower income market. He says the company supplies this market at a very reasonable price, much lower than that of the competition, so there is a lot of room to expand. Moreover, the business has been around for 20 years, so it is stable, well-structured and has a recognised brand. He says one of the keys to his success so far has been building good relationships with other successful business owners. This is important, as it gives him access to good advice and allows him to understand other peoples’ businesses. This, in turn, helps him to grow quicker and have a more sustainable business. Lloyd explains that he has a clear five-year goal in mind, aiming to have at least another 10 shops in this period. Ultimately, he wants to franchise the business and have upwards of 200 shops in SA. After all, he says, the more successful businesses there are, the more jobs we create and the more money there is for SA as a nation to thrive.

On-air Interview