Tei Avon Schwarma Bistro

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Email: info@teiavon.co.za

Tel: 011 782 6976

Tei Avon Schwarma Bistro


When it comes to filling a gap in the market, very few can do it like a schwarma expert. Mark Goldberg says that his 20 years’ experience in the restaurant industry, stood him in good stead when spotting the niche that he has since filled with his upmarket and trendy schwarma bistro, Tei Avon. Moreover, he says, having lived in Israel in the past, he has been able to bring his passion for Israeli cuisine to the fore, specialising in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods.He is inspired to make Tei Avon a traditional, owner-run family bistro, focusing on personalised and friendly service. He is, in fact, on a first name basis with most of his regular customers. And being a neighbourhood restaurant, he keeps the focus on the locals, including the students and learners who are regular clientele – the bistro is surrounded by nine schools – and the business people who drop in for light lunches.Success is all down to a combination of reasonable prices and good quality, freshly made foods, says Mark. The restaurant not only specialises in deli-style schwarmas and kebabs as well as burgers and ribs, but also does outside catering for parties and functions and even has a mobile food trailer for large events.However, adds Mark, his future is defined by wanting to open new stores. This is because he describes himself as being driven by conceptualising and creating restaurants from scratch. He wants to open at least two more stores in differing locations so as to give the brand credibility, with the ultimate idea being to develop a franchise model. Nonetheless, says Mark, he hopes the business does not have a final destination – he just wants it to become a household name and then evolve with the times and market trends so that it always has an offering that meets the market demands.

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