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Valverde Eco Hotel


It’s nothing new for someone launching a new business to be a little ‘green’, but Pamina Bohrer takes this to a whole new level with the Valverde Eco Hotel. The hotel’s most notable differentiator, she says, - one which goes down really well with the majority of clientele – is its focus on ‘going green’. While Valverde literally means ‘green valley’ in Spanish and Italian, Pamina says that she believes that environmental responsibility is about more than names, it’s about doing something tangible. The business therefore prides itself on its eco-friendly sustainability initiatives, which includes a grey water recycling plant, with wastewater filtered and collected in dams that host indigenous fish, animals and aquatic plants. Valverde also has solar geysers, recycling processes for waste in various forms, water saving devices and energy-efficient lighting. The hotel also supports local organic farmers. Pamina’s family has always been in the hospitality industry, running a five star hotel in Italy, but she chose to make a new start in South Africa when this particular venue became available at a good price. The Valverde Eco Hotel serves as a venue for a range of services, including weddings, conferences and team-building (thanks to its paintball course). It also offers accommodation, a restaurant and a spa, making it ideal for couples, travellers and even corporates. She hopes to continue building her relationships with the decision makers of big corporates, to increase the amount of conferencing the hotel does. This would also, she adds, increase occupancies during the week. So what give her hotel the edge? Pamina is adamant that because Valverde focuses on sustainability, it will continue become ever more popular with those organisations and individuals that that cleave to the message of eco-friendliness. After all, she states, we really are a green choice.

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