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It seems to be taken as a given that selling a house in South Africa today will cost the seller a massive commission from the estate agent facilitating the sale. However, that is no longer the case, thanks to Francois Maartens Heynike and his 3%.Com Properties franchise.Francois says he was practicing as an attorney when he took issue with the difficulty of getting mandates for conveyancing work from estate agents. He quickly realised that there was also a growing resistance from the public to pay the current high property sales commissions. Moreover, there also seemed to be a general absence of trust in the service and advice offered by estate agents.He says that the idea behind 3%.Com Properties is that attorneys and conveyancers can offer a one-stop-shop service of marketing, selling and transferring immovable property as estate agents, at only 3% commission, under their same corporate logo and from their existing legal practices. It is, he says, a turnkey franchise package, enabling the franchisee to begin immediately.Francois says that he believes the business idea is good and will fly – after all, the network of attorneys with their own law offices is already there in every town and city. The trick, he says, lies in implementing it, improving it and staying ahead of the pack. The business concept is excellent, what he needs now is to communicate this message to both prospective franchisees and the public at large.He says he plans to leverage his singular and relentless passion around the 3%.Com Properties brand to develop the franchise into truly national network of attorneys offering this product. After all, he says, there is no one better qualified to do this job than a practising attorney or conveyancer.

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