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‘Bigger, better, faster, more’ seems to be the motto of consumers in the modern, connected world; taking the motto one step further, Jennifer Cherry-Cunnington has chosen to turn it into a business plan. Her company, Bytelogix, recognises that consumers today are hungry for ever increasing amounts of data and improved user experience.In addition, she says, video downloads and streaming traffic is also growing rapidly. The trouble is, operators cannot keep up with network expansions to meet these increasing needs and we are thus seeing network congestion on all the GSM networks. Bytelogix is able to do something about this.Cherry-Cunnington says the company offers a Smart Optimisation solution for mobile operators, as well implementation of Location-Based Services and Smart Messaging. In addition, Bytelogix develops specific products for operators, such as its Call Routing Solution for MTN and Vodacom’s partnership with Childline. This technology is one she is very proud of, as it enables a child to call in for free and the call is immediately routed to an agent that speaks the same language as the child.She says that developing software and integrating third party software solutions for mobile operators is one of her passions, and her longer term goal is thus to develop more of the company’s own products, get these installed and tested in SA networks, and then, ultimately, expand into African and other international operators. This is the plan, she adds, which will eventually see her realise her ambition of growing the business into a R120 million company sooner, rather than later. Cherry-Cunnington adds that she would also like to get a live reference for the company’s packet loss technology. After all, once it is proved to work in a network, she suggests it will only be a matter of time before Bytelogix conquers the Telcos, and then the world!

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