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Where Crowded House turned the phrase ‘it’s only natural’ into a catchy pop song, Basheer Vally has turned the same into a credible alternative to allopathic medicine. Working as a retail pharmacist, Basheer quickly identified the need for credible natural alternatives to mainstream medicines, setting up XSHeath to fulfil not only the consumer’s needs but the needs – in respect of knowledge and trusted brands - of the pharmacy channel as well. He says he has thus developed complimentary medicine with active herbal ingredients, and has a number of brands that cater to various health categories. These include Viralmed and Viralmed Rx for acute and chronic immune support. In addition, says Basheer, there is Slimz, designed to assist with healthy weight control and Climux, which are supplements aimed at men to improve energy and vitality. He says that his products, which are sold through pharmacies, tend to be purchased by largely female customers in the middle to higher LSMs. These are the people who are actively looking to improve and maintain the health status of their families, he adds. His ultimate goals are big: he wants to become a fully-registered pharmaceutical company with leading brands, not just in the complimentary categories, but also owning full pharmaceutical dossiers that can compete with the bigger products in the over-the-counter and self-medication areas. The final destination, suggests Basheer, is to become a fully-licenced pharmaceutical applicant, holding dossiers for both complimentary and allopathic medication. He also wants his brands play a significant role in the healthcare arena in both South Africa and abroad.

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